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Administration of Copyrights – Web3.0

NIM is proud to announce that we have reached the first phase in a uniform administration of all Copyrights. Access to multiple services all over the Internet, whether under NIM or any of the partner's 3rd party's exchange or payments channels. You will use the same login and signature service, starting with full Metamask support. Background Web 3.0 Web1 was a read-only...

Administration of Copyrights – Metamask

A Copyright holder is initially always the creator(s). However, the creator can empower anyone to act on their behalf. Like CMO/PROs, agents, music publishers, record labels and investors to hold the right to receive royalties for a specific time. Metamask is used for this empowerment in a transparent and immutable way. For instance, at the NIM Foundation, we use Gnosis...

NIMs ecosystem and the MetaVerse

NIMs ecosystem is the communities and partners, and an important part of NIMs MetaVerse - a decentralised Internet where those who create the value also capture the value. CopyrightCoins® (CCIM) It's a currency like US Dollar, Euro and British Pound. The significant difference is that CopyrightCoins® is more resistant to inflation as it is anchored in Internet's lifeblood - content. CopyrightCoins® is fungible and in public use as payment for...

NIM administration hubs status

As of October 2021, the NIM administration is firmly established in the three countries with a net music export* - bringing more royalties in than they send out: USA, Sweden and UK! The USA had an export ratio of 4.5 in 2019 (for every dollar they sent overseas that year, they collected four-and-a-half dollars). Sweden’s export ratio was 2.7. The...

Copyrights Token (CTIM) whitelist

CopyrightCoins (CCIM) CopyrightCoins is a digital currency backed by the very lifeblood of the Internet – content and as such will reflect the value of royalties represented by Royalty tokens. The copyright owners can exchange Royalty tokens into CopyrightCoins or any fiat currency (USD, EU, GBP, SEK) of their choice. Royalty Tokens Royalty Tokens are “credit tokens” always representing precisely the amount of...

Disintermediation — NIM style

I used to get many questions on why I created New Internet Media. As the need from the rightsholders and the value for the whole ecosystem is getting increasingly clear to all, the question is now usually how instead of why. In the pre-internet area, the idea was whoever generated the demand also captured the value, and middlemen got commoditized...

Next generation of Copyright administration (NIM 4.0)

Release of new music in diversified markets... To release a Copyright means that it’s available for licensing by Digital Service Providers (DSPs). As soon as the Copyright is registered, a note to DSPs will notify them of a change in administrative control and that a licence will have to be obtained from NIM services. This is as it works today,...

The Music industry are less depending on Spotify

Its an increasingly fragmented market. The major music labels had a 33% growth in Q2 2020 to reach $3.1 billion. In the same period, had Spotify just 23%. Why isn’t Spotify’s dominant market role following the music labels growth? Even though Spotify is still the most significant market share with 31%, it’s significantly down from 2016 heyday of 38%. The answer...

A “Complete Reset” Of Music Streaming

UK MPs (Members of Parliament) released a report calling for a "complete reset" of the market, with musicians given a "fair share" of the £736.5 million that UK record labels earn from streaming. In a report, they said royalties should be split 50/50, instead of the current rate, where artists receive about 16%. Obviously, there is a legal battle forming here...

There is light in the digital tunnel.

New Internet Media (NIM) is emerging as one of the “new” technology companies’ hell-bent on supporting the creative communities on the Internet. We are very glad for the press release from SKAP (Sweden’s organisation for Composers and Songwriters) supporting NIM’s innovative technology for music and culture. See the press release below (it's in Swedish, but try Google translate)! SKAP Press Release “Music...

A historical first!

Yesterday was 1st July and the day Wyoming's bill SF0038 became active. Alfons Karabuda's The Death of Tintagiles End is the very first Copyright registration (in the USA)! The Death of Tintagiles End Copyrightshares A total of 1,000 copyrightshares in The Death of Tintagiles End with the symbol TDOTE were minted on 27/06/2021 at 11:14 UTC. The Copyright is registered as a Wyoming...

“New” branding of NIM, CopyrightCoins® and Copyright Flow

We have decided on a new line of uniform branding for all parties in the NIM ecosystem to better mirror the strong development made during the past year. General information Status and priority CopyrightCoins® "Rebranding"  CopyrightCoins® by keeping registered trademarks and change profiles before full launch in creative communities after the holidays.Crypto communities are ongoing development and finetuning.Transfer of CopyrightCoins® from Waves will take...

The “New” CopyrightCoins® and CopyrightChains

We are currently updating the move from the Waves platform to the Avalanche platform. We are creating a support system. If you have a question, please use the ticket system at so we can include it in the FAQ General information: Name                                      CopyrightCoins®Website                                   https://copyrightcoins.comTicker                                      CCIMDescriptionThe currency of royaltiesCopyrightCoins® NOT allocated OR in circulation!Total CopyrightCoins® minted: 1,000,000,000 (reissuable)CopyrightCoins® Frozen and Burned (deleted): 8,500,002Total...